Online Writing – How To Write Ebooks And Short Reports That Will Bring You Passive Income

Internet marketing is not about selling just one product or service. If you go into a high street shop there will be a range of items on the shelves; very different products but from within one particular specialism. A hardware shop may have everything from carpet tacks to sophisticated power tools; from paint to plumbing items; from hand tools to light fittings. All very different products but all come under the traditional view of "hardware". Internet marketing is just the same. An internet marketer will be selling a selection of products all from within one topic or "niche", as it is usually known. Within that range of products it is fairly certain that there will be items which generate recurring income streams, or

- to use another common appellation.

There are various ways to create recurring income streams in an online business. One of the most effective and widely used techniques is through the use of membership sites. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee and, in exchange, receive items of interest in the form of newsletters and other information related to the particular niche. Subscription fees are usually very reasonable giving excellent value for money. These sites often have access, via a sign-in, to a useful resource of yet more information, videos, software, etc. all of which will be free within the monthly subscription fee. There is special software now available which will give an online marketer a framework for running such a membership site. Inevitably some of the more advanced software is fairly expensive but there are some systems available which will do the job perfectly well, especially for a new business, at relatively little cost.

Another popular way of generating online passive income is through a

offer. This will often develop from an initial DVD offer of 2 or 3 discs from a much larger set. The remaining discs will then be offered on a disc a month basis as a backend product. A similar approach can be applied to an '

, where an introductory offer leads to a full course of tutorials delivered on a lesson a month (or week) offer. With both these scenarios quality is the keyword. The initial offer has to be of the best possible quality or the follow-up will not be an attractive offer to most customers.

For each of these strategies payment is set up to contribute a monthly fee, all of which happens on automatic pilot. It is a feature of recurring income that the internet marketer, once the subscription is set up, has little to do but check his bank statement each month. This form of passive income has always appealed to those who run an online business, being paid many times for work done just the once. Having several such projects within a business, all creating passive income streams, is an ideal situation as the internet marketer has a guaranteed income every month on which he can rely. This is obviously of great help in forward planning and assessing future investment.

Writing articles, short reports, and ebooks are a great way to create an online business that will provide you with years of passive income. Here are the ways to get started so that you can work just a few hours each day and make more money than you ever thought possible.

I encourage you to find a mentor to lead you through this process. Making money online will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Opening a Dollar Store – Cut Start-up Costs

Being able to create attraction with a girl is something that you have to learn how to do to truly be really successful with women. Just knowing how to create an attraction with girls is a skill that any man should have. If you cannot go out there and try to approach a girl, to see what works to create an attraction with her, you are going to struggle for a long time. So, how can you create good attraction with girls fast?


Attraction is an emotion, which makes it generally out of our conscious control. Attraction can happen very fast when you are quick to spot certain clues, her body language and adapt your own to fit her style. Attraction is not something that is logical or chosen, it is a reaction or feeling to another person. Attraction is about making someone feel comfortable and good in your presence.

Create Attraction

Without the knowledge to create good attraction, you are not going to have much success with girls that you want. It's your job to create a sense of comfort while being playful. Most men seem to stutter and spit out their words and they are not sure how to act around women. To create attraction you need to have her hanging on your every word. To create that attraction in a woman that happens quickly, you have to have control over your speech and your body language. You can control the level of chemistry and attraction to a certain degree if you can control yourself and carry yourself well.


An important factor you must understand is that women are emotional creatures. You have probably heard that before. Emotional connection with a girl is derived from a combination of comedy, teasing, improvisation and other things. All connected into a unconscious feeling that creates instant attraction with women. The attraction that a girl feels for you is her emotional feelings of who you are and how you make her feel. If I had to explain how to create attraction in one sentence, it would be: Get her to connect with you on an emotional level. When you create attraction, you increase curiosity and desire.

For a lot of men being able to create attraction with girls is like learning a foreign language. A guy who can create attraction with an attractive girl is going to be able to go beyond the friend zone with her. If you can do this, then you will be able to easily create sexual tension which is required if you want her to see you as a man that she should date and not just be friends with. Any man can learn how to create attraction with women, for every pot there is a lid that fits.

Are you opening a dollar store? Start thinking of creative ways to help reduce the costs associated with getting started and open for business. Remember that cost reduction will be one of the continuing areas of focus for you in the future. Why not get started early?
There are many areas where costs can be reduced prior to opening a dollar store. Start by searching for used store fixtures. New store fixtures are extremely expensive. Invest a little time and you may be able to find lightly used fixtures.
Most shoppers will not be able to tell that were previously used after they are filled with merchandise. You have just reduced a major startup expense significantly.
Another area that should be examined is merchandise inventory. Look for other dollar stores that may be going out of business. Start your search early, as it will take some time to find the right situation. However when you do locate a closeout situation the discounts can be huge. When opening a dollar store this one step can save literally thousands in startup costs.
Are you creative? Do you have painting experience? Look for opportunities to put your talents to work as your store is prepared for the grand opening. While some landlords may require that the work be completed by crews designated by them others will support you doing interior wall painting. If you are creative add the finishing touches such as painting the lettering that will make the store unique to your business. This can result in big savings when opening a dollar store.
The list of potential savings is really limited only by your imagination. Stockroom fixturing and checkout stands can be purchased used. Possibly you have a knack for carpentry. Save money by building these yourself. When opening a dollar store remember that any creative cost-saving idea can reduce the amount of cash required initially.
To Your Dollar Store Success!

What Business Venture Can Boost Your Income Up To 47%?

Growing up during the mid-20th century, I remember when the place to shop for clothing was at the downtown department store with it's intricately hand painted Manikins in the front window.

Besides the well-known chain stores like Montgomery Ward and Penney's, Vancouver, Washington was served by a locally owned old standby CC's Department Store. CC's was the kind of store that closed on Sundays and was known for their "better" merchandize.

CC's was nearly a museum even by 1940's and '50's standards. Shabbily genteel and somewhat dowdy it had creaking bare wooden floors, wide wooden staircase and high ceilings, but what really made CC's stand a part from other downtown Vancouver stores was how purchase transactions were accomplished.

When customers made a purchase in CC's the clerk handling the transaction put the money into a metal container the size of a soup can and sent it along with a sale voucher, sailing by electronic wire to a second floor central cashier. The cashier made change and returned the transaction in the same manner to the clerk so that she could close out the sale with your receipt.

CC's is the only store I remember shopping in that handled their "cash only" transactions in this manner. Grandma was a regular shopper at CC's and she chose the store especially for their selection of matching Cinderella brand dresses for my sister and me. I remember shopping for back to school and Easter clothes there too.

In those day women "dressed" for downtown shopping expeditions and customers like my grandmother knew the store's clerks by name. This was a time when there was personalized service was the norm. Knowing what grandma liked to buy for us, clerks sometimes held back Cinderella dresses in our sizes for her to come in and choose from.

Besides purchasing dresses for my younger sister and me, grandma sometimes would buy an outfit and hat for herself. CC's carried a fine line of women's hats. In these days, hats and gloves were one of the ideals of femininity and a must for Sunday church attendance.

Standing on a corner of Main Street, CC's was a large part of downtown Vancouver. It was also part of a more courteous era, an era when everyday shopping was much more formal. People dressed up, rode the bus and took their time browsing though the store merchandize. If you went into a store, the owners chatted with you and wanted you to spend some time. It was all part of the local flavor of a bygone era.

In this time that we are living in, you are required to thinking smarter and harder. The market place in both the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world is very competitive. However, there is a business venture that is taking everyone by storm and this business venture is proving to stand the test of time. The business venture that I am about to share with you is building income from home. If you are tired of working for a living and you want to become your own boss than this is the best alternative to use to build serious income starting right now.
In this article I will discuss how it works, if it is worth it, and how can you take the first step.
How Does It Work?
Well the industry is called the work-from-home industry and there are different types of home opportunities to take advantage of. All work-from-home opportunities offer you the chance to make real income by selling there products both online or through hotel meetings.
Usually, most work-from-home opportunities will offer you a website which will contain all of the products being offered by that company. It will be your responsibility to follow your opportunity’s marketing plan so you can assure that you will get customers willing to buy your products.
So the way it works is simple. You sell products and get paid for selling them. The more products you sell the more you get paid.
Is It Worth It?
That question is subjective. Answers vary among people. In any work-from-home venture you become affiliated with, you will have to look at the compensation plan to see if you are happy with how you will be paid. Most opportunities pay according to positions.
For example lets say the first position is an executive team leader(etl), etl’s might make 2500 dollars monthly. As you climb the ranks you will receive bigger pay and you might receive bonuses depending on which opportunity you join.
Where Can You Take The First Step?
The first step you need to do to make sure that you start on the right path is talk to a work-from-home expert. Fortunately for you, there are experts all over the internet. Be sure to ask questions and any concerns you may have. In addition, some experts offer free reports to those who want to learn amazing secrets about the industry.
Obviously, there are many resources on the internet and you may come in contact with someone who may not know what their doing. To avoid any confusion, make sure you get information from credible sources.

Open Faced Helmets

If you really do have a love of all things relating to fashion and have always thought about setting up your own business, then you may be in luck. Certainly now that there is eBay you will be able to make a great living selling clothes online. You will soon discover just how many sellers there are on eBay who have been able to make more money they ever dreamed off simply from the comfort of their own homes and you could be one of them. Below is provided a simple quick start guide to help you set up a clothing business on Ebay.

The first thing you need to find is the right vendor (as they are crucial to the success of your business). At all times avoid drop shippers when selling clothes on Ebay, these are vendors who stock and ship each item they are selling for you either in a plain box or with your company information on it (so your customers then think it is from you). Unfortunately although the idea of drop shipping is great it does have a number of flaws associated with it. Certainly the more better the drop shipper the higher demand is for their services. You may also find that your drop shipper's items are also for sale by other eBay sellers and because both you and your drop shipper are both trying to make a profit it may be hard to price your auctions and yet still stay competitive with the rest of the sellers on Ebay.

The best way to avoid such problems is to buy your items wholesale, and the first place you should look of course is Ebay! You will soon find wholesale lots of clothing for sale on eBay and there are a number of other places that you cold easily find online by carrying out a quick Google search. But certainly you will probably find that eBay is the easiest place to find what you need. However, when looking to purchase a wholesale lot of clothing there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration first.

1. Only purchase clothing that comes new with tags and from brand name designers. Certainly anything else isn't worth considering or worth you wasting your time on.

2. Divide the price you are charged wholesale by the number of items you are buying to see exactly what price you are paying for each item and then decide how much mark up you are going to place on each item to find out what your profit is likely to be. Certainly it is not uncommon for the price per item in a whole sale lot for say some designer skirts to be only a few dollars and you may find that you can make at least $10 profit on each item.

3. When your first lot of wholesale clothing arrives, unpack it and then examine each piece individually. Now arrange them and take great photographs. If able to use either a mannequin or bust to provide you with that professional look (these are easily available on Ebay). Don't forget to use a good digital camera and place the items in a well lit room with a neutral background. You will find that the more professional your photographs look the more interest you will get from potential customers. Always select the Gallery Photo option on eBay so that potential buyers get to see the items right away, rather than having to wait for the items to upload.

4. When writing the title for your item, insure you include the brand name, what the item actually is, its size, colour and whether the item is new or not. However, if you want to provide more information this can be included in the description area and must include all the necessary details as well as your shipping and payment details.

5. Always if able to make sure you list your auction from Sunday to Sunday as it is a proven fact that Sunday evening is the busiest time for Ebay, but if you wish you can try and experiment with other times and dates.

Remember by selling large amounts of items and being provided with good feedback by all your customers you can become a Power Seller. An eBay Power Seller is automatically recognized by customers and is likely to have found themselves with lots of new and return customers to their auctions. So if you want to become a Power Seller and a successful eBay clothing business owner, then offer your customers lots of high quality items, ensure that all items sold are shipped promptly to the customer and don't forget to provide them with good quality customer service at all times.

There are many styles of helmets for bike riders or as the sophisticated say, motorcycle enthusiasts. Beanie styles and German style helmets might make you look macho, but there is very little protection for the head and none for the face in an accident. There are full faced helmets and modular helmets which are similar to each other in the full protection they offer. They protect the entire face and head completely.
Open faced helmets are the best compromise between all of the above styles of helmets. Your head is protected, the only area vulnerable is the chin part where the helmet is open at the bottom. It has vents so your head is cooled, and it needs to be for your head is completely enclosed. You have a shield which is not only removable but can snap into different position. If you take off the shield or leave it up you are basically changing the helmet to fit its name, because now your face is mostly exposed. The shield moves it from open to closed but not quite full faced because in full faced helmets the shield cannot be removed.
A more closed type of helmet takes more getting used to but is great when pieces from the road hit you. Other than a short ride to get some gas, the less protective helmets are definitely not a wise thing to wear. Open faced helmets are very protective, yet you can lift the shield to get some fresh air or a quick drink.

Opening a Retail Clothing Store in Five Simple Steps

Do you like to travel? Would you like to travel more? Would you travel more if you could find some real bargains, say 50% or more off the regular retail price, not just the 10% AARP or 10% business discount often available at motels?

If you do like to travel, I'm sure you have gone the route of search-engine searches for discount travel, only to find the major Internet booking engines with their flashy "lowest prices guaranteed" all offer exactly the same prices.

The truth be known, some bargains do raise their heads above all the "cheapest prices guaranteed" but good luck finding them. You must tenaciously search every day, and even then some of those specials are alive for only a few hours. Is there an easier way? I think there is, and you can turn travel into business.

Yes, those bargains are there, reserved for the travel professional in the form of travel perks, business tax deductions and sales commissions. Consider these points:

o Own your own booking engine and earn commissions on all travel booked through your site -- your own travel and the travel of anyone and everyone that you can drive to your booking engine.

o Operate a legitimate travel business and you can apply business tax deductions to your own travel as long as you include that travel in your business plan, and you keep accurate records.

o Many travel industry businesses offer familiarization trips, FAM trips for short, to professional travel agents and agencies so that they can then "sell" these services to their clients. These FAM trips may offer huge discounts or free accommodations and trips when the agent books 8-10 clients for the same accommodation or trip.

o Travel agents can build their own FAM trips calling the travel vendor directly, offering some form of advertisement back home, and requesting travel professional discounts.

This month my wife and I are taking a quick summer vacation to Canon City, Colorado, for a ½ day white-water rafting adventure in Bighorn Sheep Canyon and a 2-hour train ride in a vista-dome through the Royal Gorge. We have acquired two nights' lodging because we want to further explore the business opportunities in the area. We contacted the vendors as travel professional with an offer to do a write-up on their company and publish it on the Internet. In return we received ½ off the raft trip and the lodging and complimentary tickets for two for the train ride. After applying business tax deductions, we estimate that we will realize close to a 70% savings or $300 on this one very short trip. Not too shabby!

You can indeed travel for less and travel more. In fact, your travel can become your job. What a great life!

Are you interested in opening a retail clothing store online but do not exactly know how to go about it? In that case, would you like to learn about the steps that you must take in order to set up your clothing business and start its operation in no time? If your answer is yes, then take a look at this simple step-by-step guide:
You must look around for reputable suppliers so that your store will have a steady stream of superior items to sell. Make sure that you can rely on them and that they produce quality clothes that will surely be liked by customers. In that way, your shop will have loyal buyers and will continue to attract more due to the nice outfits in the display.
Choose a domain name for your online clothing store then look for a company to register it with. Make sure that your chosen name is unique but can easily be recalled. Remember, this will be the name of your clothing shop so make an effort to come up with a good one.
The third step for opening a retail clothing store online is to hire a good web hosting company so that your online store will be accessible through the internet. Hosting companies understand that since you are setting up your business, you will not want to spend much, and so, they now offer different affordable packages that will also suit your needs.
Go for the web hosting company that can give you larger bandwidth, excellent uptime, and big disk space.
By opting to add a shopping cart, you will be able to accept credit cards and make the processing of orders fast and easy. There are sites that offer free shopping cart software but if you want good performance, opt for the paid types.
In case you have chosen to try the free shopping carts, make sure that tech support is available, there are useful features, and that the company often updates their program.
After opening a retail clothing store, your final step is to advertise. Without promotion, people will never know that your online store exists. You must spread the word that you have opened a new clothing store and there are good items to buy.
Lastly, research what are different marketing or advertising techniques and try it. If you are not familiar with these things then it will not hurt to hire a professional to do the promotion for you.

How to Store Your Kayak For Winter Properly

Anybody with a little bit of time and a few dollars can create a Facebook ad and run a campaign. Not everybody has what it takes to create an ad that generates clicks and converts these people into buyers.

When creating a Facebook ad, regardless of your company size or industry, the call to action is one of the most important factors. If your ad is boring and unattractive, you can't expect it to receive a high click through rate. On the other hand, if you implement a killer call to action, you may be surprised at how much traffic you drive.

Here are three call to action tips that can take your mediocre ad and turn it into something much more powerful:

With these three call to action tips, you will find yourself taking a different approach when creating Facebook ads. Subsequently, you may also find that your campaign is generating better results.

If you’re someone who is just getting started with kayaking, it’s important that you take the time to learn how to store your kayak for winter. Winter storage is something many people miss out on and then when they go to pick their kayak back up for a kayak trip in the spring, they find out it doesn’t look or function the same.
Here are the main things you must know in order to store it properly.
The first thing you should be doing is making sure you wash the entire kayak down with a hose first. This will clean off any dirt, salt, or other substances that might have gotten onto it during the summer runs.
A typical garden hose will work perfectly for this – just be sure you are cleaning all sides as best as you can.
Once you’re finished cleaning the outside, then your next step is to also clean the inside out as well. Usually water will get into the kayak as you’re running the waves and if the salt sits there over winter it could weaken the boat.
Don’t forget to clean in and around the handles as well – every area needs to be washed with clean water.
After you’ve finished watering it down, then the next thing to do will be to stand it upright at an angle. This will allow all the water to run off it and then when you store it, if it happens to rain or snow (if you’re storing it outside), the water there will also run off it.
You never want to let water sit in your kayak and accumulate when you store it over the winter.
Finally, if you’re planning on storing it outside and the area you’re thinking about does get a fair amount of sunlight, then you should also cover it with some form of tarp or other material.
This will be important to protect it from UV rays, which can really damage your boat.
So keep these tips in mind to store your kayak over winter. If you do them immediately after you finish your last trip, then you know you will be able to pick your kayak up again next year in the similar condition you left it.

Why WordPress Is the Best Website Builder.

The best shopping malls for opening a boutique in Nigeria are those located in urban settings. They are shopping malls that are located in upscale areas with a large middle and upper class population that can afford to purchase brand name designer clothing, shoes, and handbags, which can be sold at a premium price.

Another advantage of locating your store in an affluent area is that the shoppers who patronize your business will be familiar with the brands which you can sell at a high mark up relative to your costs. Because this is a very fashion conscious society, there is a very strong demand for highly fashionable apparel and footwear.

The following are the top shopping malls in Nigeria:

1. The Palms Shopping Mall. The Palms, located in Lekki, is the largest and oldest premium shopping center in Nigeria. It has become a retail phenomenon since it is not only built to Western standards, but has also introduced for the first time into this corner of Africa many of the shopping experiences found in the United States and throughout Europe. Well known South African retailers such as Game, Shoprite and Nu Metro rented retail space in this shopping mecca, helping attract even more customers to the center. While the rents reflect the expected foot traffic, the benefits of being neighbors to these shopping chains can be very lucrative.

2. Ikeja Mall. The Ikeja has differentiated from the competition by developing a very strong and popular entertainment center. While it also offers a wide range of upscale shops, its entertainment offerings attract shoppers from a wide range of ages to its retail tenants. If you locate your shop on its premises you can capitalize on its wide range of clientele by carrying brand name products for all ages.

3. Ceddi Plaza. The Ceddi Plaza is located in the capital, Abuja. The developers of the mall have taken a different approach than the previous two shopping centers. Instead of just focusing on commercial tenants, they have developed office space targeting professional firms. The fact that there are office employees on working on its premises makes this mall idea for Nigerian retails that sell wholesale professional work suits and dresses. In addition, its high class champagne lounge attracts business people looking for a convenient place to meet and celebrate their achievements. These business people can make idea high end shoppers since they have the buying power that can support a high end clothing or shoe boutique.

My preferred way to build websites is using WordPress. WordPress is an incredibly simple tool to develop websites from the simple to the extremely complex. There are several other tools similar to WordPress that are also free tools, the biggest being Joomla and Drupal. After using all three of these, I have chosen WordPress to do my developing with for a few simple but powerful reasons.
Firstly, the biggest thing making WordPress the easiest to setup is that it requires the LEAST knowledge of MySQL to setup. Once WordPress is installed on your site, you can easily find and install new themes, and keep playing around with them to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are code savvy, you can modify any theme to fit your needs, meaning you can always use free themes to have exactly what you want. Also, starting with WordPress 3.8, WordPress can automatically update itself keeping your WordPress site more secure. With WordPress being so commonly used and powerful, many web hosting companies have a 1 click install option on their control pages. If this is not an option for your site, you can follow my detailed walk-through for a more in depth description of installing and setting up WordPress.
Second, WordPress has, in my opinion, the easiest user interface. Adding blog entries, called posts, or full static pages is very simple. You don’t need to know any code to get a quality website up and running in a very short period of time. Use themes to modify the appearance and function of the website in minutes. Plugins are plenty and simple to use. If you know what you are looking for, just search for the plugin from your WordPress admin console, find the plugin, and click install. Easy as that, you can add all kinds of functionality to your website, e-commerce, easily added Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and just about anything you can think of.
Lastly, for those who know how to code and like to get into the thick of things, creating a child theme and adding your own custom code is possible and easier to do than with other CMS’s. I’ve built websites using only the built in, easy to use tools that come with WordPress and the various themes I’ve installed, but I’ve also built websites using child themes. Child themes allow you to use the background programming and templates created by your theme, but allow you to customize specific PHP files and the CSS file to make your own changes to your site. Then when your parent theme updates, you don’t lose your changes.
So, all things considered, WordPress is the best website builder in my opinion, and the CMS I recommend to people looking to make their own site or pay me to make for them.

Where is Your Plan to Open Your Store?

Imagine the medical practice that needs to share private patient information with other practitioners, not only is the file size going to be very large, privacy and HIPAA compliance is extremely important.

The same holds true for the graphic designer whose files are extremely large and beyond the standard file size an email client allows. The designer needs a system that makes it easy to upload their large files and give secure access to clients for review.

For business owners, confidential contracts, joint venture documentation, and even profit and loss reports need to be accessed in a secure and convenient location.

Storing large files online is the simplest solution to this common business need. Storing files online is safe. Only individuals with the correct user name and passwords (which you give them) can access designated folders and files.

Online storage is often extremely secure. Not only are users able to create security measures like passwords and logon names, the host has taken extreme security measures as well to protect your valuable data.

Storing files online means that business owners and individuals are not limited by the size of their file. Email programs limit file size. File sharing systems have file limits too.

Online FTP hosting & storage is one of the only solution that enables you to upload very large files.

Online storage is affordable too. In fact, online storage is one of the most affordable file sharing options available with rates running as low as a couple dollars a week.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site hosting is the ideal solution for online file storage. It's a simple and straight forward system that enables users to create an account and upload files onto a secure external server.

It's as easy as creating folders on your own personal desktop however it is better because:

Choosing an FTP online storage provider

All FTP online storage providers are not equal. When comparing services be sure to compare not only price but also the level of security provided to users and administrators.

Look for a free trial period, which gives users the opportunity to make sure the service is easy to use.

Lastly, look for a FTP online storage solution that has a pricing structure that meets your file storage needs. Some businesses may need a tremendous amount of storage while others only need minimal space, make sure that the pricing reflects your needs and that upgrading to a larger solution as your business grows, is an easy option.

If you would like to

please visit us at

Are you opening a store? Then make sure that you start your new business enterprise off on the right foot. Make sure that you invest the time and energy to create a business plan. Once that business plan is in place, you will have developed a roadmap to the future for your business and for you.
The real power of a business plan is in the direction that it provides to the business owner. While others may wish and even require that they see your business plan, only the person who developed the plan can appreciate the full power that the plan is meant to convey. Be sure to grasp that power and use it to the fullest extent possible.
When opening a dollar store it is often easy to be drawn away for completing the business plan. If a plan has been completed, use it. Work to leverage the power that it has for your business. Establish period reviews of the plan and the actions that it notes.
Shortly after the business operations begin it will become very easy to allow day to day interruptions and opportunities to draw you away from the planned direction that you wish to take. Never allow that to happen when you are
! Know your plan and follow your plan.
Opening a dollar store is just like opening any other business. You need a business plan. You also need the discipline to adhere to that plan. If changes are required to the plan recognize what forces are driving the need for change. Then you can respond appropriately.
To Your Dollar Store Success!

Print Free Wine Labels Online

When you have trouble with MS Exchange 2000 Server, main target of corruption becomes the Exchange database file mainly Priv1.edb store. In case Exchange Server doesn't mount, as a first step rebooting comes in the mind. Rebooting is done but to surprise private store gets inaccessible as database file gets corrupt. After that performing repair or defragmentation further worsens the situation and you get the MAPI error namely 'OpenMsgStore' failed... error.

Actually, "OpenMsgStore" is one of the methods associated with MAPI working interface that is used to open a message store in Exchange mailbox. This method results a reference that is passed to ImsgStore object for further access. After that we get access to our mailbox email items (received or sent). But when problem occurs in this method, trouble crops up in Exchange database.

You may encounter the given event log description displaying in the application event log of Exchange Server computer:

The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:

The Microsoft Exchange database computer is not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance. The MAPI provider failed.

Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store

ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000

Event ID for this error is 9175 and is specific to Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003.

This error event log appears every single minute thus leaving us perplexed. Every time OpenMsgStore method fails, an application log is generated that records Exchange database computer events. For finding out the root cause of Exchange's debacle this application log can be studied. Corruption in the message store is the foremost reason for this behavior.

Well the reason behind this erroneous situation is stopped working of IS (Information Store). Or other solid reason could be the failure of mailbox store to mount onto the mail. The Information Store may stop due to the following possible reasons: You might be using an expired evaluation version of edb software, The store is dismounted and/or corrupted, The partition storing the IS files is less than or equal to 10 MB in size, Information Store is in dirty shutdown state, etc.

Not to worry, apply the following changes and see the results if they are successful in resolving such situation. Otherwise you would be required to restore Exchange database for recovering database file.

Use the activated version of Exchange Server.

Backup your store and run ESEUTIL/p command to repair it. The command can delete the corrupted pages and cause data loss.

Check for IS partition is greater than 10 MB in size.

Replay all the transaction log files for the affected mailbox store.

Above measures might help you in tackling 'Open MsgStore' error and would Exchange restore. If not, then use efficient Exchange Server recovery software to restore Exchange server file and to access the emails as normal before. Exchange restore tool scans the corrupt database and repairs the same efficiently and effectively. Other disaster like Exchange Server abnormally termination and inability of mounting the database on Exchange,etc. are all tackled with Exchange Restore tool.

Many people like to make there own wine and if you want to give you wine as a gift then you need to put a nice label on it. One of the best ways to do this is to search online for a place where you can create and print your own labels free of cost. This is a good thing to do because it will personalize your wine and your friends and family will enjoy getting something that you have created as a gift. There are so many choices and options when it comes to creating your own wine labels so make sure you add your own personal touch to your label.
It is also important that when you are printing your own wine labels that you have the right high quality paper so that you can have a label that looks nice and professional to wow your family and friends. Also you need to know what is the best way to attach your wine label to the bottle. You can search online for free wine templates so that it will make it easier for you to create and print your special wine label.
Before you start you want to make sure that you have all the supplies that you need such as quality paper and glue that is easy to use like a glue stick. It make take a few times of practice to get it right but cutting and gluing the labels can be easier than you might expect.
Remember that if you are looking to create and print your own wine labels then you can use the internet to find free templates to make them look professional.

Starting Your Own Hat Wear Line – 7 Things To Know

When launching a website, one of the most important goals you must achieve is appealing to your target audience. At the same time, you must stand out from your competitors. However, in doing so, many times businesses go to far and make their site too busy. While they may think it looks great, they are really driving potential customers away. Here are a few tips to make sure your site is up to par with your competitors.

Nothing is worse than a webpage that is so colorful that you can hardly read it. For starters, use only two or three colors for your entire webpage. Also make sure the colors are complementary and are pleasing to the eye. It's very hard to keep people at your site when they can't read what's on it.

Your site will look and feel its best when you use a consistent look throughout the site. While you don't have to use a pre-designed template, you can create your very own template and use it throughout the webpage. Doing so will add to the look and feel of your site and also help customers navigate through it.

Another problem that many businesses run into when designing websites is using too many special effects. While at first they may seem flashy and great, too many, can take away from the website and untimely turn off potential clients. Also, special effects can cause increased download time for your site, which also hurts traffic to your site. Therefore, as a rule of thumb only use one or two special effects in your entire site so that the customers are not distracted and are able navigate your site quickly and easily. Remember, just like a brick and mortar store front, too much clutter will turn away potential customers. Keep your site simple, straight forward, and appeal to your clientele and you will be surprised at the all the new traffic to your site.

In the 10 years I have been in the custom apparel and hat wear business, I can not remember how many people called asking for help in starting their hat wear line. All of them believed they had a great idea. Most of them had little or no money. And none of them had a clue what it takes to make it in one of the most competitive businesses in America. The first question these people asked was always “How much to make my own custom design hats?” And always, I told them, as gently as I could, there is a whole lot of other questions they should ask first, and cost is perhaps the last one of them. I have always given these people my honest opinions while trying my best to encourage them. This article sums up all the advice I have given over the years. Subsequent articles will address each of the following steps individually in greater detail.
#1: Know Your Customer
Perhaps THE most important thing to do before starting any business! You should answer the following questions regarding your customers:
1. Who might be your customers?
2. How old are they?
3. How many of them are there?
4. Where do they shop?
5. How often do they shop?
6. How much do they tend to spend when they shop for hats or caps?
7. What is popular among these people right now?
Answers to these questions determine the niche to sell your caps in, what designs are appropriate, how many of your hats can you possible sell, and at what price.
#2: Know Your Competition
The 2nd most important thing to do before starting any business! You should answer the following questions regarding your competition:
1. Who may be your competition?
2. What types of hats and designs are they offering right now?
3. How much are they charging for these products?
4. Where do they sell their hats?
5. How are they marketing their hats?
Answers to these questions determine what designs you should offer, how much you should be charging, what channel of distribution you should consider, and the possible marketing venues you should consider when launching your own hat wear line.
#3: Know Your Marketing Plan
So what you have the greatest hat design of the decade if you can not get your products out there! Launching a hat wear line is all about marketing. Let me give you a very simple example. I have a customer, a real customer whose name I can not mention. These guys have some pretty cool design ideas. So they teamed up with a poker player, and hired a public relations person who is connected in the entertainment industry. These 2 people generated a lot of interests in their products! Before you know it, couple celebrities were wearing their designs, and the rest is history. So brainstorm, be creative, put your name out there! Who knows? You might be the next ROXY, or Quicksilver, or even NIKE!
#4: Know Your Start-up Cost
So you have figured out who your target customers are, who your competitions are, what hat designs you want to launch, and you have come up with the most creative marketing campaign. Now it is time to answer some cost-related questions:
1. Staffing and office rental
2. Marketing campaign costs
3. Travel expanses
4. Trade show expanses
5. Production relation costs:
(i) How much does it cost for sampling of your designs?
(ii) Who should you go to get prototype designs made?
(iii) Production run costs (largely depends on how many hats you want to produce for your launch. To get any reasonable price point, you need to order at least in the hundreds per design. 25 hats is NOT a wholesale quantity.)
#5: Financing
You have a plan to market your hat wear line; you know how much it will cost you; now you need to know how to finance your venture. Possible sources for money:
1. Your savings
2. Your friends and family
3. Mortgaging your current assets such as your house
4. Finding outside investors (although this might be difficult for starting a hat wear line, but you never know)
5. Borrowing from the bank (SBA loans are available for entrepreneurs in many cases)
#6: Know Your Launch Date
In fashion, timing is everything. Are you launching your hat wear line for the Christmas season? For the back-to-school season? For the 4th of July? Most overseas production takes 72 to up to 90 days via ocean freight. Say you are producing your hats in China. Do you know that the Chinese shut down for up to 15 days during Chinese New Year, which occurs on different dates, although mostly in January and February, depending on the year?
#7: Write Down Your Plan
You have gotten all the pieces of the puzzle; writing them down increases your chances of success. Your plan will keep you focused, and provide you with the big picture as well as the details you need to consider. And if you are trying to secure financing, a business plan is not only crucial, but absolutely necessary!
This is a simplified run-down for the essentials steps you need to take before starting a hat wear line. So be creative with your designs; be thorough with your research; be meticulous with your planning. And good luck! Please make sure to check my other articles regarding specific details on each of the above points. You might also want to check out my web sites for additional information.